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Maintenance & Care Instructions



Stains are best removed when they are still new and have not soaked into the fibers. To remove the stain, use a dry sponge-cloth and dab the stain. Dried-in stains can be removed by tapping the tried stain to loosen the stain, then vacuum, then dab the stain with a moist cloth. The stain should never be scrubbed. Always work your way from the edge of the stain inwards. In the case of smaller stains, dab the stain with a moist cloth without soaking the material.  In the case of larger stains the entire seat cover should be cleaned. The materials should not be placed in a dryer, they should be line dried.

Leather is a living material that becomes more beautiful over time if cared for correctly. Never place leather in direct sunlight. Never place a radiator closer than 20-30cm before the leather. Vacuum clean frequently with a soft brush, and clean surfaces subjected to heavy wear, such as arm and side areas, as required. Water-soluble stains are easily removed by soaking and blotting with kitchen paper. Never attempt to remove problem stains with strong solvents or chemical products. You could end up with a bigger problem that requires repairs. 

  • Cleaning and protection

To provide the best possible care for your leather, Elmo has developed a waterbased leather care programme including a cleansing product (Leather Cleaner) and a protective product (Leather Protection).

  • Leather Cleaner

The Leather Cleaner cleans the leather gently and delicately, which means it can be used frequently without risk of drying out the leather. Areas subjected to heavy wear, such as armrests, benefit from frequent cleaning. 

  • Leather Protection

This product impregnates the leather, protects it from spills and stains and keeps it soft and supple. We recommend you treat your leather upholstery with Leather Protection after cleaning, ideally twice a year. Suitable for all Elmo leather, except Nubuck.  

  • How to remove stains on leather
  • Chewing gum

Cool down the spot. Ice-cubes in a plastic bag work well. Remove the chewing gum as soon as it has become cold /stiff. If there are still remainders; heat with a hair-dryer and lift away carefully using tape.

  • Fat greasy spots

Take away the redundancy. Dab / soak with a dry cloth. Leave the remaining fat as is - and it will over time 'wander' into the leather.

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