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ISRI® Humvee

The Products
ISRINGHAUSEN Inc. has for decades supplied seating for the well known HUMVEE. As the fighting environment changes for our armed services, ISRI adapts and develops products that maximize the safety and comfort of our troops. The result of our extensive research and development is the NGMS- New Generation Military Seat.The New Generation Military Seat (NGMS), attenuating seat is modular in design to meet various military vehicle platforms by simply changing the interface mounting brackets from seat to vehicle. There are three basic variance of the seat:

  • The rigid wall mount – bolts into the b-pillar and the tunnel of the vehicle
  • The floor mount which will bolt into the floor structure
  • The flip-up troop seat which utilizes the flip-up cushion to add storage space when not in use.

The Options
As a result of the design, ballistic protection of various STANAG levels can be added to enhance the protection of the troops.

The Test Results
The following test results were obtained during drop-tower testing:
Load of 400G for 5ms provided a delta V of 8.6m/s with a resulting Dynamic Response Index (DRI) of below 17.7