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ISRI History


We have more than 100 years of expertise in seat development - learn more about the history of ISRINGHAUSEN.

Those who do not know the past cannot shape the future.

Rolf A. Königs, CEO AUNDE Group Worldwide

ISRI's Historical Footprint

Production of bicycle saddles and technical springs.


ISRI relocates the company headquarters from Bielefeld to Lemgo.

ISRI's modular system: The introduction of the modular principle in seating technology enables ISRI to offer a new variety of products and flexible adaptation to different market requirements.

ISRI makes first appearance in the U.S. - Battle Creek, Michigan 

ISRI is one of the first seat manufacturers supplying fully automatic, air suspended seats for commercial vehicles.

ISRI supplies the world´s first commercial vehicle seat with an integrated 3-point safety belt.

The AUNDE Group - supplier for innovative surface materials - takes over the ISRINGHAUSEN Group.

ISRI supplies the world´s first electrically-adjustable commercial vehicle seat.

Product segment expansion - start of development and production of seats for vans and light commercial vehicles.

Start of the NTS seat generation - One of ISRI's most successful products.

The further development of the integrated 3-point belt takes place. The mechanical height adjustment provides new comfort at every driver's workplace.

ISRI picks up to move to Galesburg, Michigan from Battlecreek, Michigan

The 4 millionth NTS seat comes off the assembly line.

With the takeover of ESTEBAN, the Passenger Seats product line was integrated under the ISRINGHAUSEN brand.

The acquisition of the parts of the company in Bünde (D) and Kaplice (CZ) takes place. With the takeover of GMA, the competences and capacities in metal processing are strengthened and the depth of value added is increased.

We launched our Ladson, SC site producing vehicle seating systems within the automotive, commercial, construction, and military industries.

ISRI supplies its customers from the new production hall just in sequence on the latest indstrial standard 4.0.

ISRI celebrates its 100th anniversary.